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How is COVID-19 impacting communities across Africa?

In light of the uncertain circumstances communities around the world are currently facing, we're dedicating our news feed to articles and other resources focused on how COVID-19 is impacting and being responded to by various African countries. We will be posting these resources on our social media as well, so follow us on facebook and twitter to get the latest updates!

This interview with NPR journalists looks at how . Kenya has escaped the worst effects if COVID-19 and what to expect in the future. 

Watch President Biden’s Feb 4th address to the participants of the Africa Union Summit. 

On Feb 11 the Brookings Institute hosted a panel on the future of UN peacekeeping in Africa. Watch the recording here. 

Check out Africa Union Center for Disease Control for the latest updates on the spread of COVID-19 in Africa 

This BBC articles describes how different countries in Africa have approached lockdowns and other public health measures. 

This article in The Scientist describes how African countries are contributing to global efforts to track and slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Take a listen as NPR journalist Eyder Peralta discusses the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa 

This African Arguments article explains how elections in African countries are being impacted by the pandemic. 

Listen to this podcast by the international media outlet, DW and learn about how the spread of COVID-19 threatens democracies across Africa. 

Take a look at these stunning photos by Congolese photographs as they capture how a country shifts from responding to a Ebola epidemic to a global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Watch this video produced by The Guardian to learn more about the challenges of responding to a Locust Invasion in Northern Kenya during the COVID-19 pandemic.