About the Graduate Student Research Fellowships

The Africa Center Graduate Student Research Scholarships

The Africa Center is accepting applications for student research scholarships focused on African social and/or environmental sustainability.

The research can be conducted at CSU or in Africa. An award of $2500 will be made in Spring 2023 that recognizes student commitment to African research excellence and impact on the world. Funds will be deposited into students’ accounts for tuition, fees, travel to the field, equipment, or supplies for research.  Funded students will present a poster of their research achievements to the Africa Center in Fall 2023.

Submit applications to [email protected]The deadline is March 31, at 5 pm. Decisions will be made by the Africa Center’s Research Awards Committee within four weeks. 

Criteria for this scholarship:

  • Open to (current/enrolled) graduate students from all majors and colleges.
  • Research may be new or ongoing; if the research is ongoing, please indicate the value added to this scholarship.
  • Research is significant to Africa’s sustainability and shows an exceptional presentation, approach, and content quality.

To apply:

  • Submit a single-page, single-spaced of the following: Name, Department, Advisor, Title, description of the research, a budget, and how the research contributes to the sustainability of African societies, environments, economies, and the student’s educational goals.
  • A brief supporting letter from the nominee’s academic advisor via email for the project is required.
  • A successful proposal will clearly demonstrate how the research is linked to African social or environmental sustainability and student goals. It must show how the funds requested correspond to the research proposed.