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Did you miss our panel by Gerhard Bosman from the Earth Unit (EU) in Department of Architecture, University of the Free State, South Africa on student engagement with rural women artists in central parts of South Africa? Watch the recording.

Have you checked out Field Notes? Our communication platform is a combination of blog posts and podcasts with researchers at CSU.

Field Notes – Monica O’Reilly

In this installment of Field Notes, we talk to Monica O’Reilly. Monica is a Masters student in the Public Policy and Administration program at CSU, concentrating in International Policy and Management. After receiving her Bachelors in zoology, Monica quickly realized that public policy and administration is at the forefront of social and environmental change, leading her here to CSU. We chat about her internship with the Global Livingston Institute (GLI), her interest in decolonizing development, and her hopes to travel to Uganda this January for an immersion trip with GLI focused on best practices in community development.

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Field Notes – Nelson Mwangi

In this installment of Field Notes, we chat with Nelson Mwangi, a PhD candidate in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. Originally from Kenya, Nelson is using his PhD to continue his work as a Tracking Manager at Save the Elephants to understand elephant space use. During our conversation, we discuss the challenges of being an international student during a global pandemic as well as the complicated nature of achieving human-elephant coexistence.

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Field Notes – Joy Enyinnaya

In this segment of Field Notes, we chat with PhD candidate Joy Enyinnaya. Originally from Abia State, Nigeria, Joy’s research focuses on the ways women entrepreneurs create business identities in online spaces as well as how they use the different affordances of technological platforms to negotiate and subvert patriarchal structures. We discuss what experiences led her to this research path, challenges she faced, and her future career goals.

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The Africa Center Graduate Student Research Scholarships

The Africa Center is soliciting applications for student research scholarships focused on Africa. The research can be conducted at CSU or in Africa. An award of $2500 will be made in Spring 2023  that recognizes student commitment to African research excellence and impact on the world.

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Black Lives Matter

Our work here at the Africa Center is based on the belief that research and the co-creation of knowledge is essential for building a better society. However, when the work we do ignores the voices and experiences of Black communities and does not actively work towards undermining systems of oppression and violence that harm Black people, we are perpetuating these systems. At the Africa Center, we must do more. We commit to ensuring that our work both in the U.S. and abroad is anti-racist by using our platform to promote the work of Black researchers and communities, supporting anti-racist reforms in our academic communities, and ensuring the research we conduct is equitable and just.