Invest in The Africa Center

With additional support, we will have the capacity to improve existing programs and build new opportunities by supporting the travel expenses for African students to travel to CSU for training or CSU students who wish to conduct research/study in Africa. Your contribution will not only serve the African communities we work with but is also an investment in CSU students and next-generation scientists. 

We are seeking to raise new funds for the following:


  • African Student Scholarship Opportunities: Scholarship
  • African Student Training Scholarships: Individual African students receive training at CSU
  • Student Grant Opportunities: Grants open to students from African Universities and CSU—requires partnering of students to develop exchange programs with defined goals
  • CSU Graduate Student Scholarships: Recognizes student commitment to African research excellence and impact on the world


  • African Scholar Programs: African scholars travel to CSU for 2 to 3 months for collaboration, proposal writing, training)
  • CSU Faculty Research Grants: to be carried out with African partners
  • Visiting Scholars: short visits for lecture series and collaborative efforts

Public Involvement & Outreach

  • Public Involvement: Library Lecture Series, Avo’s Lecture Series
  • Semi-Annual Workshop: workshop to e.g.,  discuss research challenges and trends in Africa

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email [email protected].  

Invest in tomorrow’s scientists by donating today. Support next-generation CSU research and engagement.