Interview with Dr. Matt Luizza

Our latest instalment of Field Notes is an interview with Dr. Matt Luizza, a program officer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Africa Branch. Matt completed his PhD at CSU, and now serves as the lead to the Africa Branch on issues of pastoralism, transhumance, community-based conservation, and conflict-conservation dynamics in Africa’s Sudano-Sahel. In our conversation with Matt, we talk about his work supporting African elephant conservation, his reflections on the complexity and importance of ethical conservation, and the latest trends in conservation that have caught his attention.


A Conversation with Dr. David Reip -Art and History in Southern Africa

In this episode of Field Notes, we interview with Dr. David Reip, an associate professor of Art History at CSU. David's area of research centers on South Sotho art and history in southern Africa. He spent more than five years living in South Africa between 2000 and 2011, working with several NGOs and completing his field research with support from a Fulbright Fellowship, and a Stanley Award for International Research. Most recently, David has been involved in an ongoing multi-disciplinary project entitled Africa Meets Africa, which explores southern African cultural heritage and uses cultural context as a link to understanding the arts, mathematics, language, and history. In our conversation we talk about Dr. Reip’s work, his journey in academia and what it means to do, good, socially responsible research.