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Elephant conservation and research - perspectives on the current situation and strategies in Kenya

A discussion with Jenna Parker and Nathan Hahn

Please listen to the interview, conducted by Tomas Pickering, with Jenna Parker (personal website) and Nathan Hahn (lab website) about their research and thoughts on elephant conservation efforts. Jenna and Nathan are both Ph.D. students with Dr. George Wittemyer in the department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at CSU.

We get into an enjoyable conversation about the important role of elephants in shaping ecosystems, the possible moral obligations in conserving a species that has high-complex levels of thought and emotion, current conservation challenges and successes, best research practices, and more!

Related to what we speak about, you might find this article suggested by Nathan of value for more information on how elephants shape their environments and how their populations might be better managed.

Also, here is a nice quote by Nathan from Toomey et al. (2017) that makes him reflect on how to better collaborate on elephant conservation and research.

Jenna Parker, out in Samburu National Reserve!