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Of God, Rains, and Motorbikes

In Maasailand, "Enkai", "God", also means "rain". 
This documentary portrays members of a Kenyan pastoralist community on the outskirts of the Maasai Mara National Reserve as they creatively respond to challenges posed by climate change, land privatization and environmental degradation. In increasingly uncertain times, they ask themselves questions on the future of raising livestock in the Kenyan rangelands and what it means to be a pastoralist.

Pastoralist Voices on Climate Change

Maasai pastoralists face many challenges that are directly related to climate change.  Although government policies aim to reduce mobility in drylands, many pastoralists and scientists agree that pastoralism is a livelihood strategy that may be best suited to help cope with climate change.  This video highlights the ways be which local ecological knowledge and traditional scientific research can work together to build effective solutions that promote resilience in coupled human-natural systems and enhance human well-being.

Maasai Voices on Climate Change

In September 2011, several Maasai pastoralists in Maasai Mara, Kenya received video production training.  This video is a compilation of their efforts to illustrate ongoing changes in Maasai livelihooods and the environment upon which they depend.  

Behind the Scenes: Maasai Voices on Climate Change Participatory Video

This behind the scenes footage illustrates the process of making a participatory video in Maasai Mara, Kenya.  In September 2011 several Maasai pastoralists received video production training, and then were tasked with documenting the changes that local Maasai groups were experiencing in regards to both their livelihood strategies and the environment.

Meet the Maasai Videographers

This short video introduces you to the Maasai videographers in Maasai Mara, Kenya that received video production training prior to documenting the changes that are occuring in Maasai livehlihoods and the environments in which they live.


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