Mapping Current and Potential Distribution of Non-Native Prosopis juliflora in the Afar Region of Ethiopia

Mapping Current and Potential Distribution of Non-Native Prosopis juliflora in the Afar Region of Ethiopia

Tewodros T. Wakie, Paul H. Evangelista, Catherine S. Jarnevich, Melinda Laituri


Fertilizer worth spreading TED talk by The Africa Center's PI, Jessica Davis

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Jessica Davis, professor of Soil and Crop Sciences and a Primary Team Member of The Africa Center has designed a new kind of nitrogen fertilizer which is created to be sustainable, economical and renewable.

WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance

Based out of the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, the WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance is a consortium of U.S. and Ethiopian partners.   The WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance's mission is to foster stewardship, conservation and sustainable-use of natural resources through international education, research and engagement.

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