Wildlife lobbies have disputed the doomsday scenario fronted by the Ministry of Environment in opposing declaration of poaching as a national disaster. In a report presented to a parliamentary committee last week, the ministry's top brass said the move will bring Kenya's tourism industry tumbling down; however, several activists and conservationists are currently lobbying the committee on Environment and Natural Resources to reject the report. The report also claims Vision 2030 will be rendered useless if tourism fails.

The founder of Tree Talk and the NGO Mvule Trust, Catharine Watson has made notable contributions to forest conservation awareness. Tree Talk, a social forestry effort, has resulted in the planting of more than 7 million trees in northern Uganda, which has drastically reduced pressure on the natural forest. Her NGO venture, the Mvule Trust, has helped provide opportunities and increased enrollment for females in the National Forestry College who are interested in forest conservation.  75% of recent scholarship recipients were female and female enrollment has increased from 15% to 40% of the student body.  

South Africa is home to more than 25,000 rhinos, roughly 80 percent of the world's rhinoceros population. However, demand for rhino horn in Asian markets has resulted in a dramatic increase in poaching. In 2013, 1,000 rhinos were animals killed for their horns, a death toll that is 50 percent higher than the previous year despite a more concerted international fight against poaching and an international trade ban that has been in place for decades.

savannas of our birth cover page

Savannas of our birth: People, wildlife, and change in East Africa, written by Robin Reid, tells the sweeping story of the role that East African savannas played in human evolution, how people, livestock, and wildlife interact in the region today, and how these relationships might shift as the climate warms, the world globalizes, and human populations grow.

WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance

Based out of the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, the WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance is a consortium of U.S. and Ethiopian partners.   The WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance's mission is to foster stewardship, conservation and sustainable-use of natural resources through international education, research and engagement.

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Community rights, conservation and contested land: The politics of natural resource governance in Africa, edited by F. Nelson, examines the political dynamics of natural resource governance processes through a range of comparative case studies across east and southern Africa. These cases include both local and national settings, and examine issues such as land rights, tourism development, wildlife conservation, participatory forest management, and the impacts of climate change, and are drawn from both academics and field practitioners working across the region. 

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