WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance

Based out of the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, the WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance is a consortium of U.S. and Ethiopian partners that are working to protect Ethiopia’s natural resources through education, research and engagement. The alliance includes academic institutions, government agencies, non-government organizations, local communities, and individuals. Members of this interdisciplinary partnership housed locally at CSU span 10 departments and colleges, and are also affiliated with the Peace Corps Master's International Program as well as international non-profits, including the Murulle Foundation.  CSU scientists working in Ethiopia have long-standing ties with Hawassa University's Wando Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources.  

The mission of the WCNR-Ethiopia Strategic Alliance is to foster stewardship, conservation and sustainable-use of natural resources through international education, research and engagement.

To support our mission, this alliance aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive online resource for CSU and Ethiopian faculty, students, and partners to facilitate dialogue, collaboration and information sharing.
  • Highlight and report educational and research activities conducted by WCNR, CSU and our U.S. and Ethiopian counterparts.