School of Global Environmental Sustainability

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A first for the state, the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) is a bridging organization that encompasses all environmental education and research at the university.

The School positions CSU to address the multiple challenges to global sustainability through broad-based research, curricular, and outreach initiatives. Areas of emphasis include food security, poverty, inequality, water management strategies and desertification, globalization, industrial ecology, sustainable engineering, population growth, and urbanization.

This approach capitalizes on the University's historic strength in environmental research and education, and builds upon the education and research that exists within all eight colleges on campus.


To develop new strategies for global sustainability that will address environmental and human-environmental grand challenges and inform solutions to global environmental problems. The School of Global Environmental Sustainability will accomplish this mission using a sustainability human-environmental framework that will advance scientific understanding while supporting the generation of new science and linkages to economics and society. This will be enhanced by engaging CSU's world-class expertise in innovative ways that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Our vision is to:

  • conduct the innovative research that transcends boundaries that will lead to the knowledge and understanding necessary to solve our most pressing global problems;
  • provide a challenging, integrative, and provocative education to provide the foundation, principles and the practices to ensure long term environmental sustainability while meeting the needs of people around the earth;
  • engage with the public and policy makers in translating our discoveries into practical solutions to environmental problems as befitting a great Colorado land-grant institution with a global perspective.
  • be a magnet for excellence at CSU, and provide both an external and an internal focus for activities in global environmental studies;
  • provide an organizational structure that can link the proven talent in residence at CSU in focused and dedicated ways to tackle the most pressing issues related to Global environmental challenges;
  • provide our best faculty with the resources and time necessary to be successful in solving these pressing problems; and
  • support our faculty in creating and sustaining outstanding educational and outreach programs addressing environmental topics, in partnership within CSU and with the public, with a view to translating research into positive and practical change.

Research Focus

SoGES's Global Challenges Research Teams' and Resident Fellows' research activities cross conventional disciplinary boundaries and address the complex social, economic, and environmental challenges of global sustainability. Our goal is to invest in highly innovative and interdisciplinary research and synthetic projects that are based on a rigorous scientific framework, and will make significant progress towards solving the most pressing environmental issues facing the global community.

The School defines environmental sustainability broadly as humans coexisting with the natural world on a planet with finite resources. The School is particularly interested in funding Global Challenge Research Teams that include new collaborative teams of faculty and researchers, as well as Resident Fellows, that focus on pressing global environmental challenges (e.g., climate change, water, biodiversity) that fit within the School's 6 focal areas.  These are: