Center for Collaborative Conservation

CCC Logo

The Center for Collaborative Conservation (CCC) is a place where stakeholders can come together to collaboratively discuss, define, study and implement conservation practices to sustain both the earth’s ecosystems and the people who depend upon them. It is spearheaded by the CCC director, and fellow SAES PI member, Robin Reid.

Bridging Boundaries

The CCC is active in collaborative conservation efforts across Colorado, the US West and around the world. The most important boundary spanning role of the CCC is bridging the activities and interests of Colorado State University with people who do conservation in communities and local landscapes around the world.


CCC Goals

Connect: To bring diverse people together to share ideas on emerging issues. We bring together stakeholders through think tanks, dialogues, seminars, conferences and workshops to define, discuss, study, and make plans to act on critical emerging issues.

Learn: To share knowledge through education. We help current and future practitioners, policy‐makers and scientists co‐learn about collaborative conservation and sustainable human communities.

Discover: To discover new knowledge through research. We promote basic understanding of human‐ecological systems to support collaborative conservation efforts, evaluate and analyze existing projects and initiatives, and create stronger links between research and action on the ground. Current research‐for‐action projects include current fellows’ projects as well as partner projects with faculty in various departments at CSU taking place in northern Colorado, Mongolia, East Africa, and across the American West.

Share: To make that knowledge widely available through a network. We share innovations, studies, tools, processes, and adaptive management models to help worldwide collaborative conservation efforts become more effective, resilient and sustainable through the Collaborative Conservation Learning Network.

Act: To support and enable collaborative action on the ground. We support and catalyze action on critical collaborative conservation issues in communities and large landscapes

around the world.