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Read Quirin Schiermeier's article on the threat of snakebites in Africa, "Africa braced for snakebite crisis".



The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) News Blog provides readers with a terrific collection of stories, many specifically addressing news out of Africa!

Read ILRI for news stories and posts about livestock technologies, environment sustainability, climate adaptation, and animal agriculture.

Read the interesting work of Jacob Kushner, as he discusses energy in rural Africa.

Reported in The Current E-News, the Hach Walk for Water, held in Loveland, CO, gave participants a taste of the challenges faced around the world by people who have to walk for miles to collect and carry a heavy load of water.

The project being supported by the 2015 Hach Walk for Water will be the purchase and installation of a Living Water Treatment System for the people of Kunya, Kenya. The Kunya Village is home to 5,600 people without access to safe water.

Read about the current situation of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Michael Fischetti's blog for Scientific American highlights the misinterpretation of Africa's size.

The Africa Center's Paul Evangelista, Ph.D. recently had his photograph selected as the cover photo for the June 2015 issue of Human Ecology.  

Read Dr. Jason Sircely's comments about land degradation in his blog post Managing degradation in East African rangelands.

With recent political unrest building up in the war-torn East African country of Burundi, Colorado State University professor Dr. William M. Timpson was advised to postpone his planned travel to the country.  He had planned to visit Burundi this summer to continue his work in educating a new generation of leaders in peace-building and sustainable development.  However, he still plans to make the trip to Africa in January if it is safe to travel at that time.

Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today. To avoid catastrophe, we must dramatically reduce the carbon intensity of our modern energy systems, which have set us on a collision course with our planetary boundaries. This is the challenge leading up to three key international events this year: a July summit on financing for new global development goals, another in September to settle on those goals and — crucially — a global meeting in December to frame an agreement, and set meaningful targets, on climate change.