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The Congo Basin forest is the second largest rainforest in the world. More than 75 million people and a wide range of endangered species depend on it for survival.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is seeking a charismatic leader with global experience and perspective who demonstrates a personal and authentic passion for the AWF mission.

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We recommend the article, 'Save the Dung Beetle!' Global Science Chief Says Biodiversity Vital, by REUTERS and published by the NT Times.  

Photo credit: The New York Times

Did you know, 'There’s a strong chance that one-third of all people will be African by 2100'? Read more in this article by  that was published in The Conversation.

Photo: Population of Africa since 1900 and projections up to 2100. Gilles Pison (based on UN data)

We recommend this article by Michael Marshall, published in The Conversation: 'Technique developed in Kenya offers a refined way to map tree cover'

"Scientists at the World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, recently pioneered a new approach which uses satellite images and maps to show patterns linked to land use and cover change on a yearly basis. Though the technique was developed in Kenya, it can be used regionally and potentially across the world" (Marshall, para. 1, 2017).

Photo credit: NASA

Read the article, 'Kenya adjusts to life without plastic bags', published by Treehugger to learn how Kenya has enacted the strickest ban on plastic bags.

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The Africa Center is excited to share the article, "Q&A with Dickson Ole Kaelo" featuring Dickson Ole Kaelo, CEO of Kenya Wildlife Conservancies. Dickson is a longtime friend and associate of Africa Center Executive Committee Member Dr. Robin Reid. Dr.

SoGES visiting fellow Dr. Ademola A. Adenle recently published the article, Managing Climate Change Risks in Africa in Ecological Economics.

Check out this recent article from The Conversation that discusses the importance of protecting Africa's unique rainforests.

"Africa’s rainforests are different. Why it matters that they’re protected"


Photo credit: Sophie Fauset

Dr. Kathleen Galvin, Africa Center Director, professor in the Department of Anthropology, and ​senior research scientist in the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory recently received two awards; the John N Stern, Distinguished Professor Award from the College of Liberal Arts and the the Distinguished Service Award from the Office of International Programs.