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We recommend "Keeping pace with climate change in crop development" from The Conversation, which highlights a new study that finds the new crop varieties that are being developed in Africa are struggling to cope with the rate of climatic change.

Photo credit: Shutterstock​; obtained from The Conversation

In April 2016, 60 climate services stakeholders from Senegal and Mali met in Dakar to launch a new project, called 'Climate information services for increased resilience and productivity in Senegal' (CINSERE), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Photo:  CINSERE inception workshop participants hold discussions during the meeting.

Photo credit: M. Dione. View more photos of the workshop.

Learn about Africa's top innovators who were recently named to the Quartz Africa Innovators list for 2016!!!  These individuals have been chosen for their groundbreaking work, thought-leading initiatives, and creative approaches to problems.  

Photo credit: Karabo Moletsane; obtained from Quartz Africa 

Tolaro Global, a Benin-based processor of raw cashew nuts, has joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with a commitment to increase the number of smallholders supplying raw materials, provide fair trade and organic certification to cashew growers, and utilise clean energy solutions to power the company’s plant and surrounding community by 2020.  

Photo credit: Business Call to Action (obtained from The Guardian)

Check out this interesting article about Africa's Migratory Songbirds from The Conversation, "There’s a reason why Africa’s migratory songbirds sing out of season".

Photo credit: Photo obtained from The Conversation

The Africa Center's Director Dr. Kathleen Galvin speaks about Africa and the Center on "The Sustainablity Hour" radio show, which is sponsored by the School of Global Environmental Sustainabiliy.


We recommend the podcast: Bionic Planet: The Podcast of the Anthropocene. Click this link to listen to The 40,000-Year-Old-Question/Part One. In this podcast you will hear how Tanzania's Hadza people are both adapting to and combating climate change -- and how we can all learn from them.

The Africa Center's director Dr. Kathleen Galvin recently traveled to Rwanda to join the Smart Village Minigrid Team, led by CSU's Dan Zimmerle.  The purpose of her visit was to confirm a partnership through a memorandum of understanding (MOU)  The MOU outlines plans for research and education exchanges between the Rwandan government, the University of Rwanda and CSU. The partnership was seeded by a two-year-old project led by researchers from the CSU Energy Institute and the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES)/Africa Center.

To learn more about the project please read this article from CSU's Source, "It’s official: CSU, government of Rwanda are partners in smart, sustainable development".

In the photo we see Dr. Galvin speaking to government officials in Rwanda.

Kathleen Galvin, Director of the Africa Center was in Paris the week of November 23 to attend a couple of UNESCO sponsored meetings. The first was a meeting on ‘Knowing our Changing Climate in Africa’ with community partners from east and west Africa. 

Ismael from Uganda is standing with Kathy at UNESCO with the Eiffel Tower in the background (photo taken by Beth Holland).

Learn how climate change impacts Africa in "Adaptation is key if Africa is to tackle climate change" by  and .  

Photo credit: Reuters/Stephanie Mahe; obtained from The Conversation