Partnerships in Africa

Below is a list of partnerships between CSU and universities in Africa.

This is a current list and there are some in development while others are on hold. The Office of International Program’s International Partnerships Coordinator is also currently preparing an online database of the list. 




Relation type Framework Description
Fulbright - 2012/2013 AY - Jordan Morocco Visit

Fulbright - U.S. Scholar


A faculty member from the department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures received a Fulbright to engage in scholarly and academic collaboration in Languages and Literature.Special Note: While the partner institution was in Morocco, the Fulbright location was Jordan.

Hawassa University Ethiopia Partnership General Agreement

Collaborative research projects in soil and crop sciences. Projects include on-farm production processes for cyanobacterial bio-fertilizers; the interface of crop plant genetics and field performance; plant breeding and plant pathology; biodiversity of the Bale Mountains and the development of EthGIS; Peace Corps special relationship; and sustainable enterprise.

Hawassa University Ethiopia Partnership Key Strategic Partner

Agreement to establish a Strategic Partnership

International Livestock Research Institute Kenya Partnership General Agreement

Collaboration on sustainable livestock futures modeling specifically the Sustainable Livestock Futures Project.

International Livestock Research Institute Kenya Partnership Research Partner

CSU is pleased to be engaged in a funded research collaboration with this institution.

Kenya Methodist University Kenya Partnership General Agreement

Agreement to pursue a collaborative relationship to the greatest extent possible through cooperation in mutual areas of interest. Pursue faculty, staff and student exchanges, academic and cultural programs, collaborative research and other activities.

Makerere University Uganda Partnership General Agreement

Development of an on-farm production process for Cyanobacterial bio-fertilizer and evaluation of the impacts of that bio-fertilizer on crop yields and quality.

National Veterinary Institute Ethiopia Partnership General Agreement

Areas of Cooperation include: infectious disease, molecular diagnostics, animal health, and livestock vaccines.

Sabbatical - 2014 - South Africa South Africa Visit


A CSU faculty member from the Marketing Department traveled to South Africa where the faculty member began a new research project to study destructive conspicuous consumption practices among Zulu-speaking youth. The partners have created a theoretical model for the research and data collection is set to begin.

Sabbatical - 2014 - South Africa South Africa Visit Sabbatical

A CSU faculty member from the Psychology department took a sabbatical to enrich his collaborations with international university partners, specifically in South Africa with goals to (1) develop and expand collaborations across multiple domains at South African universities, (2) develop and initiate a research study in South Africa through collaboration with South African faculty and (3) to pursue an initial agreement between psychology departments at Colorado State University and a South African university regarding formal partnership.  To accomplish these goals, the CSU faculty member conducted four separate trips to North-West University (NWU) in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.  As events unfolded, unforeseen events dramatically altered the feasibility of the original plans for a specific collaborative research study and the possibility of formal institutional partnership, but progress was made on all goals.


Whereas the initial goals for establishing an understanding toward a formal partnership with NWU was not achieved, and the original research idea of studying coping and meaning—making among children and families affected by HIV/AIDS was not possible to pursue during the sabbatical, the specific projects and collaborations that grew from the sabbatical appear uniquely poised to increase partnerships and to address pressing social and political issues in South Africa.  By securing funding to bring at least two graduate students to NWU to conduct research on the experience of disadvantaged students pursing a university degree, there will be an increase in research collaboration, facilitating graduate student interchange and collaborative research that may help gain insight into the student unrest that is wracking South African universities at this time.  Further, by teaching at five academic programs across two campuses, and by providing research advisement to three graduate students and two faculty members during these travels to South Africa, the faculty member advanced the primary goal of developing and expanding collaborations across multiple domains at South African universities.

United States International University Chandaria School of Business Kenya Partnership General Agreement Development of a partner site at USIU.
Université de Ngozi Burundi Partnership General Agreement

Build on current research to become a model for promoting ideas, new knowledge, exchanges, training, education, and projects that support sustainable peace, development and social justice where conflicts or threats of violence undermine the well-being of communities, the environment and the economy.

University of Nairobi Kenya Partnership General Agreement The goal of the UoN/CSU partnership is to create a Centre for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies to develop and integrated approach to sustaining Kenyan dryland societies and ecosystems.
University of Nairobi Kenya Partnership Key Strategic Partner

Agreement to establish a Strategic Partnership

University of Nairobi Kenya Project Special Project The University of Nairobi (UoN) and Colorado State University (CSU) have the following areas of mutual interest at this time: ° Currently, UoN and CSU have a joint grant funded through Higher Education for Development (HED) by USAID, under their Africa-US Higher Education Initiative. This partnership is a major catalyst for strengthening this partnership at this time and for creation of this IMOU. The goal of the UoN-CSU partnership is to create a Centre for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES) at UoN to develop an integrated approach to sustaining Kenyan dryland societies and ecosystems by linking research, higher education and communities. This Centre will enhance UoN’s capacity to produce high-performing graduates who engage in demand-driven research that contributes to sustainable and productive dryland ecosystems and societies, and will build the higher education capabilities of dryland communities in Kenya and beyond. ° CSU is also working with UoN by providing scholarships under two US National Science Foundation grants. One grant is led by CSU’s Dr. Randall Boone on wildlife migrations and landscape fragmentation, which is funding graduate student fellowships at the University of Nairobi at this time. The second grant is led by CSU’s Dr. Gillian Bowser to create a Global Research Network on Women and Sustainability (GRNWS) and is supporting female pastoral students. 
Vaal University of Technology South Africa Partnership General Agreement

Joint Research and sharing of expertise in Idea-to-Project lab