Meet Dr. Brian Foy: CSU Professor working to reduce clinical malaria in children, and eventually eliminate the disease altogether

CSU Professor Dr. Brian Foy, who is interested in employing a unique way to control mosquito-borne diseases like malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and also arboviruses like West Nile virus here in Colorado, shares with us his motivation for his work:

“Working with the hard-working and gracious people in our study villages throughout West Africa is something I always treasure.  The people in our study sites are mostly subsistence farmers and pastoralists, living on less than a few dollars a day, and yet they always happy to welcome us in their homes and share with us their food and drink.  Similarly, I am amazed when I work side-by-side in the field each year with my West African scientific colleagues who are amazing and bright scientists and so creative and resourceful with the limited funds and facilities they have.  The prospect that together we can use our knowledge and skills to help prevent infectious diseases in poor rural villages so that the residents can enjoy heathier and more productive lives is something that keeps me focused and passionate about my work.” 

To the left, Dr. Foy shares some photos from his time in Africa.  

You can read more about Dr. Foy's research in this recent article New Antibody Insecticide Targets Malaria Mosquito by Kathryn Knight.  You can also learn more about Dr. Foy's work by visiting the Africa Center Map!!