Internships in Africa

Below are current internship opportunities in Africa

Benin, West Africa

International Development Internship

Since 1985, Centre Songai has created sustainable living opportunities through agricultural training,research and production. Centre Songhai’s mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged African townspeople and farmers by training them in progressive and sustainable agriculture methods.

Interns will work, live, learn and solve practical problems beside young Africans who are also training to become responsible citizens in their communities.

Interns gain valuable experiences and skills applicable to their future and participate in a program that works to improve the international community through the introduction of sustainable living practices.

Benefits of International Internships

  • Gain Communication and work skills
  • Solve real-life problems
  • Understand issues and trends in developing countries
  • Experience the inner workings of an international organization
  • Develop independence and flexibility
  • Make long lasting friends and connections


Internships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students are encouraged to participate in the internship for at least two months. Summer terms from May to August are ideal, however, opportunities may be available during other parts of the year and for longer durations.

Language Requirements

While the official language of Benin is French, many African languages are spoken as well. Two years of university-level French is recommended. Bilingual support for English speakers is available at all four sites in Benin.

Applicable Experience

  • Crop management, animal science, fishery, biology, agronomy or horticulture;
  • Biological sciences such as bacteriology or mycology;
  • Computer information systems, especially networking and Linux systems;
  • Building design and construction;
  • Electrical, mechanical and civil engineering;
  • Proposal or technical writing;
  • Marketing and inventory management

International Travel

Getting your passport:

Students considering traveling abroad should begin the application process for a passport early. It usually takes 10 weeks or more to obtain a passport. Between February and April the process may take longer.  An expedited passport will arrive two to four weeks after application but there is an additional fee

For more information:

Getting your Visa:

To apply for a visa to Benin you will need;

  • A U.S. passport with at least six months remaining validity.
  • One passport-type photograph
  • International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow fever)
  • A letter of guarantee from employer, travel agency or bank; or a photo copy of round trip tickets or itinerary

For more information:

Other considerations:

  • Travel insurance
  • International Student Identity Card

Application Procedure

To receive an International Internship Application or obtain more information contact:

International Initiatives
(970) 491-5917
Dr. Mary Vogl
Foreign Languages and Literature
(970) 491-6100