Global Climate Change Task Force

Objectives of the AAA Global Climate Change Task Force

To facilitate anthropological contributions to interdisciplinary research that can be made without sacrificing disciplinary rigor and promote engagement with an array of policy issues; and to produce a guiding document to recognize anthropological contributions to global climate change-related issues, articulate new research directions, and provide the AAA with actions and recommendations to support and promote anthropological investigation of these issues including the development of course curricula and application of anthropological theory and methods to the issues.

Duration of Task Force: 3 years (June 2011 - May 2014)

Task Force Reports to: Executive Board

Membership and Appointment:  11 appointed members, including Kathleen Galvin, Director of The Africa Center

Staff Liaison and contact information: Amy Goldenberg,, 703/528-1902 x1184 (phone), 703/528-3546 (fax)



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