CSU Wins NAFSA’s 2013 Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization

An HED partner is among five higher education institutions awarded NAFSA’s 2013 Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization. Congratulations to Colorado State University (CSU) on the honor.

CSU and the University of Nairobi (UoN) partnered to open a Center for Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES), which focuses on research and education to address the sustainability challenges of Kenya’s underdeveloped drylands. 

Robin Reid, director of the Center for Collaborative Conservation and professor at CSU acknowledged the university’s tremendous ongoing in-kind contributions and support of the partnership through talented faculty and staff. “We have a fantastic team that is mirrored by the team at the University of Nairobi.” This collaboration extends to the university’s highest level as exemplified by the importance placed on relationship building early in the partnership. “After UoN visited CSU, our president, vice presidents and deans visited University of Nairobi’s vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor and deans to solidify the partnership as one of CSU’s strategic partnerships.” 

Reid describes the partnership and its ability to leverage additional resources as a “transformative opportunity.” “We created an initiative at CSU based entirely on this partnership,” she said. Through a suggestion from the University of Nairobi, CSU began looking into the feasibility of a “sister center” to complement and connect to CSDES in Kenya and build on the connections there and in other African nations in reaching people in the drylands. “It wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for this partnership.”

“The resources HED manages for USAID offer us a point of energy that links research and education all together in a partnership that we will capitalize on in the future,” said Reid.

“Imagine what it will be in 10 years,” added Reid of the CSU-UoN partnership’s legacy.


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