CSU Water Center announces Competitive Grants Program 2018-2019 Award Recipients

Colorado State University's Water Center has selected five Water Research Teams and two Water Faculty Fellows as recipients of funding for 2018-2019. Two teams feature our own Africa Center senior leadership, including Director Dr. Kathleen Galvin.

These projects catalyze water research, education, and engagement through interdisciplinary collaboration and creative scholarship among CSU faculty and students. Congratulations to these research teams and faculty members!  Below we highlight the two teams that include Dr. Galvin and Dr. Paul Evangelista, one of our founding Africa Cener executive committee members. 

Who changes the rain? Linking the social dynamics of pastoralism and atmospheric water recycling to enable Sustainable Development Goal achievement
This research team seeks to develop a first-of-its-kind modeling system linking household-scale behavior to regional-scale moisture recycling. The research will provide an understanding of how humans interact with the atmospheric water cycle and could reveal leverage points for sustainable management.
Team Investigators:
Pat Keys, School of Global and Environmental Sustainability
Kathleen Galvin, Department of Anthropology and the Africa Center
Randall Boone, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Measuring impacts of forest disturbance on streamflow
This research team seeks to better understand the impacts of forest disturbance on Northern Colorado’s water supply by bridging the divide between forest ecologists, remote sensing scientists, hydrologists, and political scientists. The research will advance methods for monitoring forest disturbance and for connecting forest and hydrological processes.
Team Investigators:
Paul Evangelista, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (Africa Center Executive Committee Member)
Tony Cheng, Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship and the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

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Photo credit: CSU Water Center