Africa Center Director Kathy Galvin shares how she became connected with Africa, and how her experiences and passion led her to develop the Africa Center at CSU

Dr. Kathy Galvin, Director of the Africa Center, recently shared her personal experiences of researching and working in Africa.  She is shown in the photo above conducting an interview in Kenya.

“I wanted to go to Africa since high school. I had a friend then whose father was a diplomat in Kenya and she had stories about caravanning overland from Nairobi, Kenya to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. I wanted to do the same. It was not until I was in graduate school and trained to do human diet intake and nutritional status among a group of nomadic pastoralists in Kenya that I got the chance.” 

It was this chance that changed Dr. Galvin forever.  

“Not only did I find that I was tough enough to withstand the elements, a totally different culture and do the work, I left with a profound respect for these people who are even today some of the poorest on Earth. But they showed me the commonalities that unite us. 

CSU has enormous capacity to work with our African colleagues and citizens to help solve common problems we share.  We want clean air, water and energy, food security, safety, health, just as they do.”

In the photo to the left Dr. Galvin and Dr. Robin Reid, who is also a part of the Africa Center Leadership Team, stand at the equator in Kenya.

Watch this video that highlights Dr. Galvin and Dr. Reid's work in Kenya, Pastoralist Voices on Climate Change.

You can read more from Dr. Galvin and Dr. Reid in this article An Experiment 'Goes Wild' in Kenya: Locally-Run Conservancies Are Meeting the Needs of Wildlife, Livestock, and People.

Photo credits: Dr. Kathy Galvin