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Browse this page to find recent book publications on adaptation and resilience in social-ecological systems throughout Africa. This page is continually updated with books that describe coupled human and natural systems with a focus on biodiversity, conservation, climate change, development, governance of natural resources, human and animal health, and sustainability.

pastoralism and development in Africa cover page

Pastoralism and development in Africa gives a view of ‘development at the margins’ in the pastoral areas of the Horn of Africa. Edited by Andy Catley, Jeremy Lind and Ian Scoones, this book highlights innovation and entrepreneurialism, cooperation, networking and diverse approaches which are rarely in line with standard development prescriptions. 

savannas of our birth cover page

Savannas of our birth: People, wildlife, and change in East Africa, written by Robin Reid, tells the sweeping story of the role that East African savannas played in human evolution, how people, livestock, and wildlife interact in the region today, and how these relationships might shift as the climate warms, the world globalizes, and human populations grow.

community rights, conservation and contested land cover page

Community rights, conservation and contested land: The politics of natural resource governance in Africa, edited by F. Nelson, examines the political dynamics of natural resource governance processes through a range of comparative case studies across east and southern Africa. These cases include both local and national settings, and examine issues such as land rights, tourism development, wildlife conservation, participatory forest management, and the impacts of climate change, and are drawn from both academics and field practitioners working across the region. 

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