Awards and Scholarships

$500 travel grant awarded to Tewodros Wakie, PhD

The Africa Center awarded Tewodros Wakie, PhD graduate from the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, a $500 travel grant to present part of his research at the Ecological Society of America Centennial Conference in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Tewodros’ graduate research focused on a species of mesquite, a shrub native to the Americas, but highly invasive in many other parts of the world - particularly in Africa. Also known by its genus name as Prosopis, the shrub spreads across semi-arid rangelands displacing native vegetation, altering ecosystem processes and disrupting traditional pastoral livelihoods.

Tewodros presented an economic analysis that compared the costs of eradication to different markets of utilization such as charcoal production. His graduate research was conducted in the Afar Region of northern Ethiopia, and he has already published two peer-reviewed scientific paper related to this work and has one other in review.