Save the Elephants: 'Vietnam's Illegal Ivory Trade Threatens Africa's Elephants'

Click here to read a press release from Save the Elephants that details how Vietnam is now one of the world’s biggest illegal ivory markets. The number of items seen for sale had risen by over six times from 2008 to 2015, according to a survey report released by Save the Elephants. Ivory researchers, Lucy Vigne and Esmond Martin, found that the overwhelming majority of raw tusks sold wholesale in Vietnam are smuggled in from Africa, in contrast to the 2008 research conducted by Dan Stiles who found the majority of tusks to have originated from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. This shift presents a threat to Africa’s elephants.

Read the entire report, 'Vietnam's Illegal Ivory Trade Threatens Africa's Elephants' by Vigne and Martin.  

Photo credit: Save the Elephants