Renée Harmon, PhD is the Africa Center's Research Assistant and Communication/Social Media Coordinator.  She assists with research, communication & social media, event planning, and campus and community involvment and outreach.

Renée earned a PhD in Education and Human Resource Studies from CSU's School of Education in May 2017. Her dissertation, "Assessing Students' Sustainability Literacy: The Development, Use, Analysis, Results, and Revision of an Assessment Tool" discussed an assessment tool used at CSU to and reported to the Sustainability Tracking, Asessement & Rating System (STARS), and addressed issues surrounding economic, environmental, and social sustainability literacy. Her research also addresses best practices for teaching and learning sustainability education. Additionally, she works in the areas of adult and community sustainability education and policy. Specific to Africa, Renée is in the process of developing a research proposal that seeks to learn about the African refugees living in Northern Colorado. Renée is a member of the United Way of Weld County's Refugee Collaborative Committee. She also volunteers with the journalism non-profit, Africa Agenda of Denver. 

Renée's background includes student advising, adult and online teaching and learning, case-based instruction, conflict resolution, and curriculum design and development for both online and traditional courses. She teaches the online section of GES 520: Issues in Global Environmental Sustainability offered by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

She also holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Western Illinois University, and a master's degree in communication from the University of Missouri - St. Louis.

Renée can be contacted at