Graduate Student Fellowship

The Africa Center Graduate Student Fellows are a select group of outstanding CSU graduate students with an interest in the sustainability of African ecosystems and societies. Below you can read about The Africa Center's current Graduate Student Fellows.

Stay tuned to learn about future opportunities!

Conrad Marshall

Conrad Marshall is an M.S. student in ecology at Colorado State working under Melinda Laituri and Stacy Lynn in the Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Department. As a part of his undergraduate work, he studied abroad in Kenya with the School for Field Studies, participating in their Wildlife Management Program. This experience was the catalyst in forming his love of all things East Africa, taking him back to Kenya and Tanzania on several occasions. Conrad has worked as an environmental educator with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and a field technician in Tanzania. His research as a graduate student is focused on Turkana County in northern Kenya, and the impacts invasive plants have on pastoral communities in the region.